About Us

WARNATASKU, One of the premium brand of fashion accessories which started in 2011 which is located in the district of Gunung Putri, Bogor - West Java. Represents a company with the highest standards of quality which made by profesional craftsmen.The love for the nation heritage of handycraft and the passion for quality grows the desire to produce local bags with international quality. Pioneered by Ervina Ahmad, She started early design effort by producing leather bags along with creating distribution channels and marketing.

One of the early design was a red bag that was developed in 2011, its production was based on a survey from the public interest which later became popular among the Indonesian society.
The business increasingly developed over marketing and had an enhancement in sales from 1,000 bags per month to 1,000 bags per week. Obtaining the actual profits, they believe that this business has a promising prospect in the future.
In the early 2012, with the capital of the profit, the sisters decided to set up a bag factory started with three employees along with three units of sewing machines, and they named the factory as WARNATASKU.

We come into the prominence on the market with an attractive design of night-and- day handbags and clutches, which value is following the simple and elegant lines of the latest international tendencies.
The main material used by WARNATASKU is only traditional fabrics produce by Indonesian traditional craftsmen such as Batik, Songket, Ulos, Silk and other traditional woven which combined only with Genuine Leather of cows, reptiles, snakes and crocodiles.
The wide range of colors and textures, the elegance, the quality and the handmade process for products will satisfy the most refined tastes.

Had an experience in cooperation with several local brands from 2012 to 2014 to produced bags, the production process was fully handled by WARNATASKU, starting from design activity up to the final result product. The designs was exclusively provided only for local brand subscribers.

Development for designs and new models using Indonesia’s local materials provides the opportunity for WARNATASKU to participated in The ASIA World Expo 2015 exhibition in Hongkong, sponsored by Hinrich Foundation for the curating process, started from the business itself, the production process until final process.
The consistency of the designs will focusing on young and adults professionals segments. Expectation of casual designs, sporty and elegant was made to provide information in terms of educational benefits, elegant as well as providing comfort to users of the product.

Since 2011 the distribution channels and marketing was conducted through social media activities. The number of dealers was growing constantly which is more than 75 active dealers, ranging in Indonesia’s districts from Sabang to Merauke and had gave a good contribution to the improvement and growth for the business.
The export activities has already come to countries such as Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea. The result was quite significant, it can be seen from the volume of sales and the number of demands for design models.

And for the first time on 2016, WARNATASKU introduce themselves to the people of Indonesia through its participation as a brand sponsor of Indonesia Fashion Week 2016.
This experiences gave a significant added value to move forward to the international fashion world market. Ervina confident that the Indonesian local products can compete with imported products. Excellence in terms of design, material selection and quality of the craftsmen that do have a long-lasting nature.


Since the beginning, WARNATASKU aims to promotes handycrafts industry, especially bags, to maintain the legacy of traditional fabrics and to introduce Indonesian culture to young people through fashion designs, so the cultural heritage will remains for the next generations.

On the other hand, the selection and usage of traditional fabrics will improve a positive affect to leverage the standard living for traditional craftsmen.